Maintenance Contact Numbers

If you have a maintenance issue regarding the property please contact Easylet during office hours Monday- Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.
Please direct any maintenance issues to outlining the problem, the property address and where possible photos. In the instance of a maintenance issue that requires immediate attention please call our office on 0131 226 9382

Out of Hours Emergency Contact Numbers:

These numbers should be used in an emergency when the Easylet office is closed.

Our office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Our office is Closed Saturday and Sunday.



An emergency would be classed as escape of water, loss of electricity, and loss of heating (in winter). If you have been advised that the property is covered by a “Homecare” agreement and your issue is regarding plumbing, heating or electrics please check the information provided and contact them in the first instance.



If you have made reasonable attempts to contact the First Plumbing Solutions, Altech Electrical and WA Glazing and you are unable to get a response, only as a last resort, may arrange for a contractor of your choice to attend. We would require you to supply us with a detailed invoice for the works carried out and send this via post or email



If you have lost your keys or are locked out of the property you should contact a locksmith. The cost of this would be borne by the tenant unless a report is provided to advise there was a fault with the lock.

Gas Leaks

GAS: National Gas Emergencies – 24 Hour Line – 0800 111 999
If you smell gas or think that you may have a gas leak, or if the CO detector is beeping (after you have replaced the battery) then you should call the National Gas Emergency line straight away.

Open your windows and doors to let air in, make sure all gas appliances are turned off and turn the gas off at the mains if possible. Do not turn lights on or off and avoid using other electrical switches and appliances as this could trigger an explosion. Do not smoke, light a match or light any other naked flame.

Water Leaks

If water is leaking into your property from the property above, contact your neighbour first. If they are not in, leave them a note. If you can’t contain the water leak until your neighbour returns you should contact the numbers below.

0131 200 2000 outside of Easylet office hours.

If there is water leaking from an outlet or appliance within your property switch the water off at the stopcock to prevent any further damage to the property.

If your maintenance issues occurs during Easylet Office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) please call our office in the first instance: 0131 226 9382

Plumbing or Gas

In the case of a heating or plumbing emergency such as a leak within the property or there being no heating or hot water (in the winter) please contact First Plumbing Solutions – 07518 357 446

In the case of a heating or plumbing emergency such as a leak within the property or there being no heating or hot water (in the winter) please contact First Plumbing Solutions – 07518 357 446

Window or Board Up


In a situation where there has been vandalism to a window or glazed door and the property is not secure please contact WA Glazing Services – 07957 240 319.

The police should also be contacted on 101 immediately to report this damage and an incident number taken and reported to the office the office.


Failure Power Loss & Emergencies

An electrical emergency would only be considered to be a dangerous electrical fault or complete loss of power.

You should unplug all electrical items including appliances were possible and check the fuse board. Sometimes a fuse board will trip due to a faulty appliance or electrical item such as a lamp or hairdryer/straighteners. While this may seem obvious, if you have a top up meter you should also check that this is in credit.

If you have checked the above and In the case of a complete power outage please contact SP Energy Networks to confirm if there is a problem in the area contributing to power loss – Landline – 0800 092 9290, calling from mobile – 0330 1010 222

If you contact SP Energy Networks and they confirm there is no issue in the area and the problem is isolated to your property you should then contact Altech Electrical 07976643618

Cold Weather Precautions

If you plan to be way at any time during the winter period, heating should be left on timed mode. It is the responsibility of the tenant to make sure the pipes don’t freeze. Timers should be set to turn on for an hour or two in the morning and again in the evening.  If the weather is forecast to be very cold, then these hours should be extended.

If you are away from the property for extended periods of time water tanks should be drained down to minimise the risk of damage to the property.

During this period, please consider the importance of ventilation to prevent any condensation or mould build up. The opening of windows, use of trickle vents and adequately heating the home will minimise the risk of deterioration to the property.